The Wolf and the Lamb

An Aesop Fable

When the wolf came upon a lamb that had wandered away from the herd, he made the decision not to attack the lamb physically but rather to devise an argument that would convince the lamb that the wolf had the legal right to devour him. He approached him in this manner: “Sirrah, the previous year you severely insulted me.” In fact, the lamb’s voice took on a sorrowful quality as it bleated, “I was not then born.” The wolf then remarked, “You feed in my pasture,” which was somewhat surprising. “No, kind sir,” the lamb said, “I have not yet experienced the flavour of grass.” The Wolf repeated himself and added, “You drink from my well.” “No,” said the lamb, “I never yet drank water, because as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” “No,” the lamb repeated, “I have never yet drank water.” After hearing this, the wolf grabbed him and devoured him while shouting, “Well! Even if you disprove each and every one of my assertions, I won’t go to bed hungry.

The dictator will never be without an excuse for his tyranny; he will always find one.


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