Dracula the Story

Bram Stoker’s book Dracula was first released to the public in the year 1897. Since this is an epistolary book, the story is told via a series of letters, entries from a journal, and articles from the newspapers. Although there is no clear protagonist throughout the story, it begins with a guy named Jonathan Harker going on a business trip to stay at the castle of a nobleman from Transylvania named Count Dracula. After Harker discovers that Dracula is a vampire and flees the castle, the Count relocates to England and begins to terrorize the town of Whitby, which is located along the coast. Dracula is tracked down and ultimately destroyed by a small band of individuals commanded by Abraham Van Helsing.

During the second half of the nineteenth century, Jonathan Harker, a young English barrister, is making his way to Castle Dracula, which is situated in the region of Transylvania, in order to complete the transfer of some real estate in England to Count Dracula. This event takes place in Transylvania. Even though all of the surrounding villagers react with horror once they learn of his goal, Harker continues on his journey to the castle until he encounters an envoy of the Count in the Borgo Pass. This encounter causes Harker to experience a significant increase in his level of anxiety. The enigmatic coach driver keeps going until he reaches the castle, which he does when it is completely dark and to the soundtrack of howling wolves.

Even if his accommodations are excellent, Harker thinks Count Dracula to be a sickly, skeletal, skinny man who is somewhat weird, and Harker is embarrassed when, after inadvertently cutting himself shaving, the Count rushes for Harker’s neck in “demoniac anger.” Harker soon finds himself imprisoned inside the castle and besieged by three beautiful female vampires, whom he can barely hold off. Harker also finds out the Count’s secret, which is that the Count stays alive by consuming the blood of living beings, and as a result, he has made it his mission to kill Harker and drink his blood. After Jonathan’s failed attempt to assassinate him, the Count flees the castle as quickly as possible, carrying fifty crates of soil with him as he traveled to England. When we last hear from Jonathan Harker, he is sick and weak, and he has been left alone in the castle with no way to get out.

The story then moves to England, where Mina Murray, Harker’s girlfriend, is spending time with her friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy Westenra is celebrating her engagement to Arthur Holmwood, having previously turned down marriage proposals from Dr. John Seward, the director of a mental institution, and Quincey Morris, an American from Texas who is currently staying at Holmwood’s estate. Mina’s two biggest worries are that her fiancé, Jonathan, hasn’t talked to her in a long time and that Lucy has started sleepwalking again, which she used to do before.

In the middle of the night, the two ladies are out walking when they notice an unknown ship approaching the beech.The only living thing to survive the shipwreck on the shore is a gigantic dog, which then vanishes very immediately following the incident. We learn as we read the book that the shipwrecked ship was carrying fifty boxes of soil from Castle Dracula.

Soon after the shipwreck, late one night, Mina realises that Lucy is once again sleepwalking. During the course of her quest, Mina finds Lucy sitting on the ladies’ favourite bench, which is located close to the cemetery and overlooks the town. Mina is astonished to discover a tall, slender black figure hovering over Lucy, but when she gets to Lucy’s side, the shape has vanished. Lucy has no recollection of what transpired prior to her awakening, other than the fact that she is shivering. Mina believes that she accidentally stabbed Lucy’s neck with a pin as she was wrapping Lucy up to protect her from the cold because she notices two very little red scars on Lucy’s neck. Lucy may often be seen standing at the window of her bedroom on later and subsequent evenings. Standing next to her is an animal that gives the impression of being a giant bird, but in reality it is a large bat. As Lucy’s condition continues to deteriorate over the following several weeks, Mina continues to withhold information about Lucy’s mother’s illness from her. Dr. Seward, who was previously interested in Lucy, is unable to determine the reason for her deterioration at this time.

Soon after, Mina receives information from Jonathan, forcing her to part with Lucy and go to tend to Jonathan’s medical needs. Immediately after Lucy is left alone, her health starts to decline, and Dr. Seward realises that he needs another medical opinion, so he contacts an old friend and mentor of his, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who also works in the medical field. Van Helsing is especially troubled by the two small spots on Lucy’s neck and her apparent but incomprehensible loss of blood because there is no evidence of bleeding.

Lucy requires a number of blood transfusions as her condition deteriorates, and after each one she shows considerable signs of improvement, only to regress rapidly within a few days of receiving the transfusion. In the end, Van Helsing decides that it is important to hang garlic around Lucy’s chamber as well as around her neck. This is a method that, as we find out later, is employed to protect against vampires. Despite this, the vampire is eventually successful in evading the charms used on him, and he launches another assault on Lucy. Lucy’s bedroom window was broken on a crucial night by an escaped wolf that was used as a hammer. Lucy’s mother is terrified during the assault by the wolf, and as a result, she passes away from shock. Lucy, who is now defenceless, is attacked once again by the vampire.

Because Van Helsing is aware that Lucy’s time is running out, he sends her fiancee, Arthur Holmwood, to be at her bedside. Holmwood comes from the room where his father was lying in his last moments. As Holmwood leans down to give Lucy a farewell kiss, Lucy, whose canine teeth have an oddly elongated appearance, moves in for an assault on Arthur. Lucy passes away as Van Helsing pulls Arthur away from her in an attempt to save him.

After Lucy’s death, the papers record the unusual emergence of a person whom the local children name “the Bloofer Lady,” a monster that has been assaulting young children in the region. As a result of the disturbing tales, Van Helsing requests the assistance of Dr. Seward during his investigation of Lucy’s casket. Once Seward gets over his initial shock, he eventually gives in and agrees, with some reservations, to open Lucy’s coffin.

After some time has elapsed, Mina and Jonathan have gotten married, and now they are settled back in England. Soon after Mina copied Jonathan’s journal of his voyage through Transylvania, Van Helsing read it. The diary was about Jonathan’s time in Transylvania. After that, Van Helsing gathers all of Lucy’s previous suitors in one place and conveys to them his suspicion that Lucy is now a vampire after being bitten by a vampire and turning into one herself. According to him, the only way for her soul to be saved is for someone to drive a wooden stake through her heart, chop off her head, and fill it full of garlic. In the end, Van Helsing is successful in persuading them of the truthfulness of his claims, and the “service” is carried out on Lucy.

These six individuals—Jonathan, Mina, Dr. Seward, Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Quincey Morris—have made a commitment to fight the vampire. They have begun their quest for the count as well as for the fifty boxes of earth that he took with him to England. Soon after the search is initiated, Van Helsing comes to the horrifying realization that Mina is undergoing a transformation. In the middle of a horrible night, Van Helsing and Seward storm into Mina’s chamber, where they discover Jonathan unconscious and Mina being forced to drink blood from a deep cut across Dracula’s breast. The count vanishes in the blink of an eye.

They find out that just one of the fifty boxes has been returned to Dracula’s castle via ship, so they decide to burn the rest of the boxes once they find out about this. They track Dracula all the way to the Borgo Pass in Transylvania, where they discover the last box being carried to Castle Dracula by a group of gypsies. One of the tactics they use to find out the whereabouts of Dracula is hypnotising Mina, which allows them to have a better understanding of his movements. They were successful in defeating the gypsies, threw the box to the ground, ripped off the lid of the box, and found the corpse of the Count within. Jonathan executes a powerful push, severing the head of the vampire, while Morris plunges his dagger into the Count’s chest, stabbing him in the heart. The tale comes to a close when the Count himself is reduced to dust and when Quincey Morris, who suffered a fatal wound while attempting to retrieve the box from the gypsies, passes away from the consequences of that wound.

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