The Wolf and the Crane-

Aesop Fables 5

Once, a wolf caught and killed a rabbit and was eating it. Along with the meat, a piece of bone became lodged in his throat.

The wolf cried out in great pain, unable to swallow or spit anything out. The wolf cried to all animals and birds that came by and asked them to help him by removing the bone stuck in his throat.

He said whoever removes this bone will be rewarded with whatever they ask for. At last, a passing crane agreed to remove the bone from the wolf’s throat. With its long beak, the crane removed the bone from the wolf’s throat. Now the crane asked, where is my gift.

The wolf said, after putting your head in a wolf’s mouth and still being alive is an apt gift foryou.

Gratitude comes only from noble hearts.

Expect no reward from wicked people.


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