Who will Bell the Cat

Aesop’s Fables 2

Once upon a time, the mice had a gathering in order to come up with a strategy on how they might become free from their adversary, the cat. At the very least, they hoped to discover some method for determining when she would arrive, so that they would have some chance to escape. They lived in such continuous terror of her claws that they barely ever ventured to emerge from their burrows, regardless of the time of day or night. In fact, something had to be done about it.

There were several proposals considered, but none of them was deemed satisfactory by the group. At long last, a young Mouse rose to his feet and announced:

“I have a strategy that seems to be rather straightforward, but I am certain that it will be effective.

Hanging a bell around the cat’s neck is the only thing left for us to do. “The moment we hear the bell ringing, we will be alerted to the fact that our adversary is on his way.”

All of the mice were surprised because they had never considered doing anything like this before.But in the middle of all of the joy that was taking place due to their good luck, an elderly mouse stood up and said:

“I have to remark that the young mouse has come up with an excellent concept. But first, allow me to pose this one question: “Who will bell the cat?”

It is easy to proclaim that something ought to be done, but it is quite another matter to really carry it out in action.


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