The Ox and the Frogs

The Ox and the Frogs Aesop’s Fables 1

An ox descended to a pool surrounded by reeds in order to drink. While he was vigorously splashing into the water, he stomped on a little frog, crushing it into the mud.

The elderly Frog quickly began to miss the younger ones, and she inquired with her family about their well-being and whereabouts.

One of them exclaimed, “A great enormous monster trod on little brother with one of his massive feet!” while the others cried.

The elderly toad said while puffing up with pride, “Was he around the same size as this?”

They said with surprise, “Oh, much larger!”

The frog blew herself up even farther.

She said that it was impossible for him to have been any bigger than this. However, all of the young frogs agreed that the monster was a great deal larger than they were, and the older frog continued to blow herself up until she finally burst.

Don’t bother trying to do the unattainable.

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