The Story of Jacob.

Jacob’s True Story (The Story of Jacob)
Isaac, Abraham’s son, lived in the region of Canaan after Abraham had passed away. Isaac’s house was a tent, much like his father’s, and it was surrounded by the tents of his people. There were also numerous flocks of sheep and herds of cattle that grazed wherever there was grass to eat and water to drink. Isaac’s father was a shepherd.

Isaac and his wife Rebekah were blessed with twin sons. Jacob was the younger brother, and his elder brother’s name was Esau.

Esau was a man of the woods who had a strong passion for hunting. He had a rugged appearance and was covered with hair.

Jacob lived a simple life. He lived in a tent and took care of his father’s flocks. He was known as a kind and thoughtful person.

Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob because Esau brought to his father the animals that he had killed while hunting, but Rebekah preferred Jacob because she saw that he was clever and diligent in his job.

When a male member of the population of those lands passes away, his eldest son is entitled to twice as much of what the deceased father held as the younger son does. This was referred to as his “birthright,” since it was his entitlement as the firstborn child. Therefore, Esau, who was Isaac’s oldest son, had a “birthright” to a greater portion of his father’s property than Jacob had. God also told Isaac’s family that they would have many good things happen to them throughout their lives. 

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