The Oak tree and the Reeds

Aesop’s Fables 9

Oak tree by N Chadwick is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

There was a tall Reed tree growing in the stream that was located next to the giant Oak that was there. The mighty oak, while being buffeted by the wind, maintained its erect, proud stance, with all one hundred of its branches reaching upwards into the heavens. However, the Reeds bent low in the wind, and they sang a melody that was both sorrowful and regretful.

The Oak said, “You have every right to be upset about this.” “Even the faintest wind that ruffles the surface of the water is enough to cause you to stoop your heads, but I, the great Oak, remain straight and solid in the face of the raging storm.”

“There is no need for concern,” the Reeds said in response. “We are not in danger from the winds.” We genuflect before them in order to maintain our integrity. You have, to this point, withstood their punches, which is a testament to both your pride and your strength. “But the climax is drawing near.”

While the Reeds were talking, a massive storm was barreling down from the north. While the Reeds, which are more susceptible to wind and rain, bent low, the Oak remained tall and bravely battled against the storm. The wind increased in strength, and the massive tree fell to the ground, ripped apart by its roots and left to rot among the pitiful Reeds.
It is better to give in when it would be foolish to resist than to persistently oppose and end up being destroyed.


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