Indian Mythological Drama by Kalidasa VIKRAMORVASI, URVASI WON BY HEROISM, or THE HERO AND THE NYMPH. Vikramorvasiyam meaning Urvasi Won by Valour  is a Sanskrit drama written by the ancient Indian poet Klidasa, who lived in the 4th or 5th Century CE. It is based on the love story of King Pururavas and an Apsara (celestial nymph) called Urvasi, who was renowned for her beauty. The initial story appears both in Rigveda and Mahabharatha. The play consists of five acts. The name may also be written as VIKRAMORVASI or URVASI WON BY VALOR or THE HERO AND THE NYMPH. As they make their way … Continue reading VIKRAMORVASIYAM, (NYMPH WON BY HEROISM)

The Wolf and the Crane-

Aesop Fables 5 Once, a wolf caught and killed a rabbit and was eating it. Along with the meat, a piece of bone became lodged in his throat. The wolf cried out in great pain, unable to swallow or spit anything out. The wolf cried to all animals and birds that came by and asked them to help him by removing the bone stuck in his throat. He said whoever removes this bone will be rewarded with whatever they ask for. At last, a passing crane agreed to remove the bone from the wolf’s throat. With its long beak, the … Continue reading The Wolf and the Crane-

The Snake and the Farmer

An Aesop’s Fable Once, a village farmer’s son stepped on a snake, and the enraged snake bit the boy, killing him instantly. The angry farmer cut the snake’s tail with an axe and mutilated the snake. The snake, out of enmity with the farmer, started to bite and kill the farmer’s cows one after another. The farmer’s efforts to find the snake and kill it were unsuccessful because during the day the snake was hiding itself in holes under the earth. It came out of the furrows only in the darkness to bite the farmer’s cows. At last, the farmer … Continue reading The Snake and the Farmer

Romeo and Juliet

Story of the Shakespearean Tragedy Once upon a time, two powerful families called Montagu and Capulet resided in Verona. They were both wealthy, and it may be assumed that they were intelligent in most things as other wealthy men. In one respect, though, they were extraordinarily foolish. The two families had a long-standing dispute, but instead of resolving it like rational people, they nourished it like a pet and refused to let it go. So that a Montagu would not talk to a Capulet if he saw one on the street, nor would a Capulet speak to a Montagu. And … Continue reading Romeo and Juliet

Twelfth Night

Story of the Shakespearean Drama. Orsino, Duke of Illyria, was madly in love with Olivia, a lovely countess. And when her brother died, she sent back a messenger from the Duke, instructing him to tell his master that for seven years she would not let even the air see her face but would walk veiled like a nun, all for the sake of a dead brother’s love, which she would keep alive in her sorrowful memory. The Duke wished for someone to whom he could express his sadness and recount the tale of his love over and over again. And … Continue reading Twelfth Night

The Good Earth

by Pearl S. Buck The story begins when Wang Lung, a poor Chinese farmer, goes to the house of a rich family in the next village in search of a bride. The girl whom Wang Lung is seeking is a maid and slave in the household of the Huangs, a wealthy aristocratic family. Her name is O-Lan. The Huang House, like any other local family, is on the verge of breakdown as a result of excessive use of alcohol, drugs, and opiates; an unwillingness to engage in productive labour; and unrestrained luxury. O-Lan and Wang Lung, who are not very … Continue reading The Good Earth

The Golden Bird

Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 1 The Golden BirdThere was a king who had a magnificent garden, and inside the garden there was a tree that grew apples made of gold. These apples were routinely counted, and at about the time when they started to get ripe, it was discovered that one of them disappeared overnight every single day without fail. As a result of this, the monarch got quite angry, and he gave the gardener the command to maintain constant vigilance below the tree. The gardener entrusted his oldest son with keeping watch, but at twelve o’clock he slept off, and … Continue reading The Golden Bird

The Story of Abraham and Isaac

The Story of Abraham and IsaacYou will recall that in the days that we are describing, in order for people to worship God, they would construct an altar out of earth or stone and then place an offering on top of it as a present to God. In most cases, the sacrifice consisted of a domesticated animal like a sheep, a goat, or a young ox—some kind of animal that was used as food. The term “sacrifice” was used to refer to such an offering. People who worshipped idols, on the other hand, were known to engage in behaviors that … Continue reading The Story of Abraham and Isaac

The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark.

Bible Stories 2 The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark. God provided another kid to Adam and Eve after their child, Abel, had been murdered and their other son, Cain, had moved away to a different location. This infant was given the name Seth by Adam and Eve; they also had several sons and daughters since Adam and Eve lived for a very long time. But in the end, as God had said, they met their end because they had eaten the fruit from the tree that God had specifically ordered that they not consume. At the time when … Continue reading The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark.

The Winter’s Tale

Story of the Shakespearean Drama (Comedy) Leontes was the king of Sicily, and Polixenes, the king of Bohemia, was his closest friend. They were raised together and only separated when they reached adulthood and had to take command over their own kingdoms. After several years, when they were both married and had children, Polixenes traveled to Sicily to stay with Leontes. Leontes was a violent-tempered and fairly foolish guy, and he foolishly believed that his wife, Hermione, preferred Polixenes over him, her husband. He instructed one of his lords, Camillo, to poison Polixenes’ drink, since he was unable to dispel … Continue reading The Winter’s Tale