By E. Nesbit In the register of baptisms of the parish church of Stratford-upon-Avon, a market town in Warwickshire, England, appears, under date of April 26, 1564, the entry of the baptism of William, the son of John Shakspeare. The date of William Shakespeare’s birth has usually been taken as three days before his baptism, but there is certainly no evidence of this fact. The family name was variously spelled, the dramatist himself not always spelling it in the same way. While in the baptismal record the name is spelled “Shakspeare,” in several authentic autographs of the dramatist it reads … Continue reading A BRIEF LIFE  OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Romeo and Juliet

Story of the Shakespearean Tragedy Once upon a time, two powerful families called Montagu and Capulet resided in Verona. They were both wealthy, and it may be assumed that they were intelligent in most things as other wealthy men. In one respect, though, they were extraordinarily foolish. The two families had a long-standing dispute, but instead of resolving it like rational people, they nourished it like a pet and refused to let it go. So that a Montagu would not talk to a Capulet if he saw one on the street, nor would a Capulet speak to a Montagu. And … Continue reading Romeo and Juliet

Twelfth Night

Story of the Shakespearean Drama. Orsino, Duke of Illyria, was madly in love with Olivia, a lovely countess. And when her brother died, she sent back a messenger from the Duke, instructing him to tell his master that for seven years she would not let even the air see her face but would walk veiled like a nun, all for the sake of a dead brother’s love, which she would keep alive in her sorrowful memory. The Duke wished for someone to whom he could express his sadness and recount the tale of his love over and over again. And … Continue reading Twelfth Night

The Winter’s Tale

Story of the Shakespearean Drama (Comedy) Leontes was the king of Sicily, and Polixenes, the king of Bohemia, was his closest friend. They were raised together and only separated when they reached adulthood and had to take command over their own kingdoms. After several years, when they were both married and had children, Polixenes traveled to Sicily to stay with Leontes. Leontes was a violent-tempered and fairly foolish guy, and he foolishly believed that his wife, Hermione, preferred Polixenes over him, her husband. He instructed one of his lords, Camillo, to poison Polixenes’ drink, since he was unable to dispel … Continue reading The Winter’s Tale

As You Like It

Story of a Shakespearean Drama (comedy) Once upon a time, an evil duke called Frederick stole the dukedom that belonged to his brother and sent him into exile. His brother moved into the Forest of Arden, where he lived as a courageous forester, similar to what Robin Hood did in Sherwood Forest, England. Rosalind, daughter of the expelled duke, stayed with Celia, daughter of Frederick, and the two loved each other more than most sisters. Rosalind and Celia attended a wrestling competition that took place at Court one day. Charles, a renowned wrestler who had slain several opponents in similar … Continue reading As You Like It


MACBETH When asked to relate the narrative of Macbeth, a person has two options. One is of a guy named Macbeth who ascended the throne of Scotland by committing a crime in the year 1039 and ruled justly and well for at least fifteen years. This tale is part of Scottish history. The second tale emanates from a location known as Imagination; it is dismal and fantastic, and you will hear it. Two years before Edward the Confessor became king of England, two generals named Macbeth and Banquo defeated a Norwegian king in Scotland. After the battle, the generals went … Continue reading MACBETH

King Lear

Story of King Lear, the Shakespearean Tragedy King Lear was old and tired. He desired nothing more than to spend the remainder of his life in peace with his three daughters. The names of his daughters were Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Two of his daughters were wed to the Dukes of Albany and Cornwall, while the Duke of Burgundy and King of France competed for the hand of his youngest daughter, Cordelia. Lear gathered his three daughters and informed them that he intended to divide his kingdom among them. “But first,” he said, “I want to know how much you … Continue reading King Lear

The Tempest

Story of the Shakespearean Drama Prospero, Duke of Milan, was a learned and studious man who lived among his books, entrusting his brother Antonio with the administration of his dukedom. Antonio intended to wear the duke’s crown himself, and to achieve his goals, he would have murdered his brother if not for the affection the people had for him. However, with the assistance of Prospero’s worst opponent, Alonso, King of Naples, he was able to acquire the dukedom along with all of its dignity, power, and wealth. They dragged Prospero out to sea, and when they were far from shore, … Continue reading The Tempest

Othello: The Story of the Shakespearean Tragedy

OTHELLO The Story of the Shakespearean Tragedy Four hundred years ago, in Venice, there lived an ensign (junior officer) named Iago. Iago hated his general, Othello, for not appointing him a lieutenant. Instead of Iago, who was strongly recommended, Othello had chosen Michael Cassio for the lieutenant post. Cassio, with his recommendations, had helped Othello to win the heart of Desdemona, the beautiful daughter of the nobleman Brabantio. Iago had a friend called Roderigo. This Roderigo was a simpleton who loved Desdemona and wanted to marry her. But Desdemona showed no interest in him. Iago gave Roderigo hope for winning … Continue reading Othello: The Story of the Shakespearean Tragedy