Story of the famous Shakespearean Tragedy HAMLET Hamlet was the King of Denmark’s only son. He loved his parents and was delighted in his relationship with a lovely woman named Ophelia. Polonius, her father, was the king’s chamberlain. While Hamlet was abroad at Wittenberg studying, his father passed away. When he learned that the King had been fatally bitten by a snake, young Hamlet hurried home in anguish. The young prince had loved his father so deeply. He felt resentment and sorrow when he discovered that the Queen, his mother, had decided to remarry—and to marry the deceased King’s brother … Continue reading HAMLET

The Story of the Ladder That Reached Heaven

The Story of the Ladder That Reached HeavenAfter Esau discovered that he had lost his birthright as well as his blessing, he became very angry with his brother Jacob. He said to himself and to others: “Jacob stole my birthright and my blessing.” “My father, Isaac, is quite elderly and likely does not have much longer to live.” “As soon as dad passes away, I will take my vengeance on Jacob for taking away my privilege by killing him.” When Rebekah heard of this, she addressed Jacob as follows: “Can you leave your home as quickly as possible and get … Continue reading The Story of the Ladder That Reached Heaven

The Fisherman and His Soul

by Oscar Wilde A Summary In the story “The Fisherman and His Soul,” a young fisherman falls in love with a mermaid and wishes nothing more than to wed her, but he is unable to do so because it is impossible for a person to have a soul and live a life under water. As he visits his priest, the priest tells him that his soul is his most valuable property and that the soulless mermen are doomed to perish. He goes to different merchants to try to sell his soul, but they all tell him that it is not … Continue reading The Fisherman and His Soul


Story of the Shakespearean Drama. PERICLES Pericles, the Prince of Tyre, was unlucky enough to become an enemy of Antiochus, the strong and cruel King of Antioch, and the danger he faced was so enormous that he decided to travel throughout the globe for a while on the advice of his trusted advisor, Lord Helicanus. He made this choice despite the fact that, upon his father’s death, he had become King of Tyre. So he took ship for Tarsus, appointing Helicanus Regent in his place. It was quickly evident that he had made a great decision in abandoning his realm. … Continue reading PERICLES

The Plane Tree

Aesop’s Fables 7 While making their way through the heat of the midday sun, two travellers decided to take a break under the shadow of a spreading tree. They realised it was a plane tree as they lay there staring up amid the aesthetically pleasing leaves of the tree. One of them said, “The plane is such a useless tree.” It does not produce any fruit  and instead merely serves to cover the ground with its dead leaves. A voice was heard coming from the Plane tree and saying, “Ungrateful beings!” “You are lying in the refreshing shade that I … Continue reading The Plane Tree


short Story by Oscar Wilde Summary “The Young King” relates the story of an illicit child who was raised as a shepherd by the recently deceased king’s daughter of a country that will remain nameless. The sixteen-year-old boy, who is his sole successor, is taken to the palace to ascend to the throne. There, he is astonished by the splendour of his new home and anxiously awaits the delivery of his beautiful crown, sceptre, and robe in preparation for his coronation the next morning. He is tormented by three distinct dreams throughout the course of the night, one for each … Continue reading THE YOUNG KING

The Birthday of the Infanta

By Oscar Wilde Summary In the tale “The Birthday of the Infanta,” courtiers of the King of Spain find a short man (a dwarf) with a hunched back in the woods. The king’s daughter, Infanta, celebrates her twelfth birthday, and the hunchback’s father sells him to the palace as a mockery figure so that the Infanta would have something entertaining for her to do on her special day. Her birthday is the one occasion on which she is permitted to interact with children of various ages, and she looks forward with great excitement to the many celebrations that are planned … Continue reading The Birthday of the Infanta

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

A short Summary Children are eager to play in the garden owned by the Selfish Giant after returning home from school because it is so lovely and because it contains 12 peach trees and other lovely, fragrant blossoms. The giant takes offence at the children upon his return after spending seven years with his companion, the Cornish Ogre. As a result, he constructs a wall to prevent the children from entering his home. He posted a sign that read “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED” on the notice board he hung up. The landscape seems trapped in eternal winter. One day, a … Continue reading The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

The Story of the Grasshopper and the Owl

Aesop’s Fables 8 The Owl never sleeps at night; she usually sleeps during the day. Then, after the sun had set, as the pink light from the sky began to fade and the darkness began to gently rise through the woods, out she came fluttering and blinking from the old hollow tree. Now her strange “hoo-hoo-hoo-oo-oo” resonates through the calm wood, and she starts her quest for the insects and beetles, frogs, and mice that she enjoys eating so very much. Now, there was a specific elderly Owl who, as she got older, had developed a reputation for being quite … Continue reading The Story of the Grasshopper and the Owl