The Golden Bird

Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 1 The Golden BirdThere was a king who had a magnificent garden, and inside the garden there was a tree that grew apples made of gold. These apples were routinely counted, and at about the time when they started to get ripe, it was discovered that one of them disappeared overnight every single day without fail. As a result of this, the monarch got quite angry, and he gave the gardener the command to maintain constant vigilance below the tree. The gardener entrusted his oldest son with keeping watch, but at twelve o’clock he slept off, and … Continue reading The Golden Bird

The Winter’s Tale

Story of the Shakespearean Drama (Comedy) Leontes was the king of Sicily, and Polixenes, the king of Bohemia, was his closest friend. They were raised together and only separated when they reached adulthood and had to take command over their own kingdoms. After several years, when they were both married and had children, Polixenes traveled to Sicily to stay with Leontes. Leontes was a violent-tempered and fairly foolish guy, and he foolishly believed that his wife, Hermione, preferred Polixenes over him, her husband. He instructed one of his lords, Camillo, to poison Polixenes’ drink, since he was unable to dispel … Continue reading The Winter’s Tale

As You Like It

Story of a Shakespearean Drama (comedy) Once upon a time, an evil duke called Frederick stole the dukedom that belonged to his brother and sent him into exile. His brother moved into the Forest of Arden, where he lived as a courageous forester, similar to what Robin Hood did in Sherwood Forest, England. Rosalind, daughter of the expelled duke, stayed with Celia, daughter of Frederick, and the two loved each other more than most sisters. Rosalind and Celia attended a wrestling competition that took place at Court one day. Charles, a renowned wrestler who had slain several opponents in similar … Continue reading As You Like It

Stopping by the Woods on a snowy evening.

by Robert Frost A little halt among the trees on a snowy evening. All of Robert Frost’s famous poems are short, simple, but profound assessments of life’s realities. One such poem is “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening,” which translates to “a little halt between the woods on a snowy evening.” Two oft-repeated quotations make this poem immortal.“I have promises to keep.”I have to fulfill promises.“And miles to go before I sleep.”I have a lot to cover before I sleep. The setting of the poem is a winter evening. Darkness falls by 4 p.m. in temperate climate regions … Continue reading Stopping by the Woods on a snowy evening.