The Hercules and the Wagoner

When a carter was pushing a wagon along a rural road, the wheels started to become stuck in a rut and couldn’t get out. The rudimentary driver remained there staring at the wagon, dumbfounded and horrified, and did nothing but scream out loud for Hercules to come and aid him. It is reported that Hercules came to him and told him, „Put your shoulders to the wheels, my man.“ Goad your bullocks and never again appeal to me for aid until you have done all in your power to help yourself, or you can count on the fact that your … Continue reading The Hercules and the Wagoner

The Music of the Fisherman

A musically-talented fisherman brought his flute to the beach with him, while he went fishing. He stood on a protruding rock and played a number of melodies in the expectation that the fish, drawn to his music, would of their own volition swim into the net that he had set up below. After a long time of waiting in vain, he finally put away his flute and, after tossing his net into the water, he caught an impressive amount of fish. While he observed them running about and jumping in the net on the rock, he cried, „O you most … Continue reading The Music of the Fisherman

The Wolf and the Crane

A wolf who had a bone lodged in his throat offered a significant sum of money to a crane so that she might insert her head into the wolf’s mouth and remove the bone. “Why, you have certainly already gotten a substantial reward, given that you were allowed to pull out your head in safety from the mouth and jaws of a wolf,” the wolf, who was smirking and grinding his teeth, exclaimed after the crane had successfully removed the bone and made her demand for payment. You should not expect a reward for serving the evil, and you should … Continue reading The Wolf and the Crane

The Kingdom of the Lion

Those animals that lived in the field and the woodland were ruled over by a lion. He was not angry, violent, or despotic in any way; rather, he was just and as compassionate as a monarch could be. During his rule, he issued a royal public announcement calling for a general assembly of all the birds and beasts, and he drew up the foundation for a universal league, in which the wolf and the lamb, the panther and the kid, the tiger and the stag, and the dog and the hare should all live together in perfect peace and harmony. … Continue reading The Kingdom of the Lion

The Cock and the Jewel

A COCK discovered a beautiful stone while searching for food for himself and his hens. He cried, “If thy owner had found thee, and not I, he would have taken thee up, and have put thee in thy first estate; but I have found thee for no purpose.” If I had to choose between one barleycorn and all of the gems in the world, I’d choose the barleycorn any day. Image by svklimkin from Pixabay. Continue reading The Cock and the Jewel

The Lion and the Mouse

Aesop Fables 6 What ultimately woke up the sleeping lion was a mouse brushing its cheek on the lion’s face while it was sleeping. He chased him in a fit of wrath, caught him, and was ready to put him to death when the mouse pleaded with him in a pitiful tone, saying, “If you would just spare my life, I would be sure to reciprocate your charity.” (If you would only let me live, I would make it my duty to return your compassion.) The lion let him go after mocking him and laughing at him. Soon after this, … Continue reading The Lion and the Mouse

The Father And His Sons

A father had a family of boys who were constantly fighting.The fighting never stopped. After he was unsuccessful in resolving their disagreements via his exhortations, he made the decision to provide them with a real-world example of the harmful effects of disunity. After he was unsuccessful in resolving their disagreements via his exhortations, he made the decision to provide them with a real-world example of the harmful effects of disunity. When they were finished, he handed the faggot to each of them one at a time, one after the other, and gave them the instruction to shatter it into bits. … Continue reading The Father And His Sons

Rip Van Winkle

The short novella known as “Rip Van Winkle” was written by the American author Washington Irving and published for the first time in the year 1819. Rip Van Winkle, a Dutch-American peasant living in colonial America, is the protagonist of this story. He travels to the Catskill Mountains, where he meets some mystery Dutchmen, drinks their wine, and then falls asleep. He slept throughout the American Revolution, so when he awoke 20 years later, he found himself in a drastically different world. by Washington Irving In the years leading up to the founding of the United States, a Dutch-American man … Continue reading Rip Van Winkle

The Ass and the Grasshopper

an Aesop Fable As soon as he heard some grasshoppers chirping, an ass became quite fascinated with the music. Wanting to be able to captivate others with the same charms of song, he inquired as to what kind of food the grasshoppers consumed in order to have such wonderful voices. They responded with the word “dew.” The ass made the decision that the dew would be his sole source of sustenance, and not long after, he passed away from starvation. Continue reading The Ass and the Grasshopper