The Story of Abraham and Isaac

The Story of Abraham and IsaacYou will recall that in the days that we are describing, in order for people to worship God, they would construct an altar out of earth or stone and then place an offering on top of it as a present to God. In most cases, the sacrifice consisted of a domesticated animal like a sheep, a goat, or a young ox—some kind of animal that was used as food. The term “sacrifice” was used to refer to such an offering. People who worshipped idols, on the other hand, were known to engage in behaviors that … Continue reading The Story of Abraham and Isaac

Waiting for Godot

By Samuel Beckett Godot is being anticipated.Two human beings, Estragon and Vladimir, are looking for the meaning of existence without the boundaries of time or region. We can say that “Waiting for Godot” is the story of their hopes and disappointments, but through them, Samuel Beckett is embodying the hopes and frustrations of the entire human race through this play. Estragon and Vladimir are looking for levels of existence without boundaries of time, space, or region. Samuel Beckett, the author of “Waiting for Godot: A Tragi-Comedy in Two Acts,” is credited with translating the play “En Attendant,” which was originally … Continue reading Waiting for Godot

Ramayana Summary Ch. 3

Trisanku It was during this time that the legendary king of the Solar dynasty, Trisanku, was on the throne. Trisanku was so in love with the beauty of his own body that he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving it behind when he died. Instead, he wanted to go to heaven while still in his own body. When he asked his teacher, Vasishtha, for help making his wish come true, Vasishtha told him to stop trying to do what couldn’t be done. The King was unsatisfied with the answer he received from Vasishtha, so he went to the sage’s sons … Continue reading Ramayana Summary Ch. 3