The Story of the Money in the Sacks

Bible Stories Joseph continued to act in the same manner even after he was elevated to the position of ruler over all of Egypt. It was not Joseph’s manner to take a seat, to relax and enjoy himself, or to demand the attention of others while he did so. Almost immediately, he was successful in identifying his task and getting started on doing it in an honest and diligent manner. He traveled over the whole of Egypt and saw how prosperous and plentiful the grain fields were, providing much more than the population was able to consume for their own … Continue reading The Story of the Money in the Sacks

The Dreams of a King

The Ishmaelites were the people who purchased Joseph from his brothers. They were given this name because they were descended from Ishmael, who, as you may recall, was Hagar’s son and Sarah’s servant. Joseph was sold to these Ishmaelites. So they took Joseph southward through the plain that is beside the huge sea on the western side of Canaan, and after a considerable amount of time, they brought Joseph to Egypt. How confusing it must have looked to the little boy who had grown up in a tent to suddenly come face-to-face with the gigantic pyramids, the powerful river Nile, … Continue reading The Dreams of a King

The story of Joseph and the many-colored Coat

The story of Joseph and the many-colored Coat Another son was born to Jacob after he had returned to the country of Canaan with his eleven other sons. This boy was the second child born to Jacob by his wife Rachel, whom Jacob loved very much. But not long after the baby was born, Rachel, the infant’s mother, passed away, and Jacob was overcome with grief. On the route that leads from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, you can still see the spot where Rachel’s grave is located, even today. Benjamin was the name that Jacob gave to the child whom Rachel … Continue reading The story of Joseph and the many-colored Coat

The Story of the Ladder That Reached Heaven

The Story of the Ladder That Reached HeavenAfter Esau discovered that he had lost his birthright as well as his blessing, he became very angry with his brother Jacob. He said to himself and to others: “Jacob stole my birthright and my blessing.” “My father, Isaac, is quite elderly and likely does not have much longer to live.” “As soon as dad passes away, I will take my vengeance on Jacob for taking away my privilege by killing him.” When Rebekah heard of this, she addressed Jacob as follows: “Can you leave your home as quickly as possible and get … Continue reading The Story of the Ladder That Reached Heaven

The Sale of a Birthright.

Bible Stories Now that Esau had reached adulthood, he had little interest in either his birthright or the blessing that God had promised. But Jacob, who was a very clever man, had a strong desire to own the birthright that was going to pass to Esau once their father passed away. Once, Esau returned home after a day of hunting, exhausted and hungry. When he glanced over at Jacob, he saw that Jacob was holding a bowl of tasty food that he had just prepared for supper. And Esau said: “Give some of the crimson-colored substance that’s in the dish … Continue reading The Sale of a Birthright.

The Story of Jacob.

Jacob’s True Story (The Story of Jacob)Isaac, Abraham’s son, lived in the region of Canaan after Abraham had passed away. Isaac’s house was a tent, much like his father’s, and it was surrounded by the tents of his people. There were also numerous flocks of sheep and herds of cattle that grazed wherever there was grass to eat and water to drink. Isaac’s father was a shepherd. Isaac and his wife Rebekah were blessed with twin sons. Jacob was the younger brother, and his elder brother’s name was Esau. Esau was a man of the woods who had a strong … Continue reading The Story of Jacob.

The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark.

Bible Stories 2 The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark. God provided another kid to Adam and Eve after their child, Abel, had been murdered and their other son, Cain, had moved away to a different location. This infant was given the name Seth by Adam and Eve; they also had several sons and daughters since Adam and Eve lived for a very long time. But in the end, as God had said, they met their end because they had eaten the fruit from the tree that God had specifically ordered that they not consume. At the time when … Continue reading The Biblical Account of Noah and the Ark.

The Story of Hagar and Ishmael.

Bible Stories 3. Following the devastating deluge, Noah’s family and those who descended from him continued to expand in numbers until, as the years passed, the planet once again started to become populated with people. There was, however, a significant difference between the people who had lived before the flood and those who had lived after it in terms of the way they interacted with nature. Before the flood, all of the people were concentrated in close proximity to one another, which resulted in the majority of them settling in a single area and leaving the other lands uninhabited. As … Continue reading The Story of Hagar and Ishmael.

The Story of Adam and Eve

Bible Stories 1 The Story of Adam and Eve Adam was the name of the first man, and he gave the name Eve to his wife. They named the place where they lived Eden, and it was a magnificent garden that was far away in the East Country. It was filled with gorgeous trees and flowers of every type. But their time in Eden was short because they disobeyed God’s instruction and consumed the fruit of a tree that they were not permitted to have. As a result, they were expelled from the garden. They were forced to leave their … Continue reading The Story of Adam and Eve