Indian Mythological Drama by Kalidasa VIKRAMORVASI, URVASI WON BY HEROISM, or THE HERO AND THE NYMPH. Vikramorvasiyam meaning Urvasi Won by Valour  is a Sanskrit drama written by the ancient Indian poet Klidasa, who lived in the 4th or 5th Century CE. It is based on the love story of King Pururavas and an Apsara (celestial nymph) called Urvasi, who was renowned for her beauty. The initial story appears both in Rigveda and Mahabharatha. The play consists of five acts. The name may also be written as VIKRAMORVASI or URVASI WON BY VALOR or THE HERO AND THE NYMPH. As they make their way … Continue reading VIKRAMORVASIYAM, (NYMPH WON BY HEROISM)